Agilent Technologies invites you to a

Satellite Workshop

 Where: Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, Quadrant Room (2nd floor)

When: on Thursday August 28, 2014 from 13:15 till 14.00


New Agilent Cary 7000 Universal Measurement Spectrophotometer for Advanced Analysis of Thin Film Coatings


Speaker: Rob Wills,

Company: Agilent Technologies UK Ltd., Stockport, SK8 3GR, United Kingdom.


Designers and manufacturers of high quality multilayer optical coatings require reliable methods to measure optical constants of thin film materials with a high degree of accuracy. This is normally achieved using UV-Visible-NIR spectrophotometry to acquire normal and quasi-normal transmittance (T) and reflectance (R) spectra of a sample. Understanding the accuracy of the data produced and the source of any errors (random or systematic) will lead to more reliable sample characterization.

The presentation will introduce the new Agilent Cary 7000 “Universal Measurement Spectrophotometer” (UMS) and discuss how this new development has already enabled thin film researchers to gain a better understanding of thin film response.

Will be also shown the evidence that demonstrates how this new system can be used as a means of accurately determining the optical parameters of thin films and multi-layer coatings, thereby making it an ideal QA/QC tool, providing valuable feedback to the design/production chain to adjust deposition parameters, recalibrate monitoring systems, and improve control of the thicknesses of individual layers.